Meat Products


The animals at the Kreps family farm started with the desire to know exactly where our food was coming from. The prevalence of prophylactic antibiotic treatment of beef cattle in large feedlots to prevent disease concerned us. We have young children ourselves and we’re not comfortable exposing them to any more antibiotics than absolutely necessary. We also did not like the flavor of most of the commercially raised beef we found in the grocery stores. As a result, we began to raise completely grass fed Angus cross beef cattle. The flavor and quality of our very lean beef is exceptional. We sell our beef for $2.25 a pound (hanging weight) plus the cost of custom processing to customers by the quarter, half or whole. The locker plant will cut the beef to order. [Price is subject to change]

The poultry on our farm initially started as a 4-H project. When our son, Terry was beginning in 4-H, I told him that if he wanted to do livestock then he needed to choose a small animal because Mom and Dad were not hauling a 1600 pound steer to the Minnesota State Fair someday. As a result, our children chose to raise poultry. We began with 25 laying hens. Our flock is now 125 laying hens that provide us with wonderful, healthy cage-free eggs. Our son, Terry, has earned a trip to the MN State Fair twice now for poultry and earned Blue ribbons each time with his poultry projects. Our son, Robbie is following in the tradition and earned a Grand Champion award at the Clay County Fair last year for Junior Poultry.

The poultry project on the farm expanded into market pen birds with Cornish Cross broiler chickens and then Belted White turkeys. We raise these birds primarily for personal consumption but will be taking orders in the spring for any customers that would like direct from the farm chicken or turkey. We sell our chickens for $2.00 a pound and turkeys are $2.50 a pound. Please call or email us to reserve your birds.

The next livestock that was added to our farm was swine. We sell our Blue Ribbon winning pigs in the fall by the half or whole. The hanging weight of our pigs ranges from 175 to 225 pounds. Our price for pork is $2.25 a pound (hanging weight) plus the cost of the custom processing. The locker plant is MN state inspected and cuts the animals to order.

The latest addition to the livestock on the Kreps Family Farm is goats. We have Boer goats (meat goats) as well as some dairy goats available for sale either live or processed per customer request. We currently have 4 pregnant nanny goats. We currently have one spring 2014 Billy Goat as well as four spring 2015 ready for sale. We sell the goats live for $200.00 each. Processed, the goats are $300.00 with the processing included.


  • Beef is $2.25/lb hanging weight
  • Chickens are $2/lb
  • Turkey’s $2.50/lb
  • Goats $200 per head and $300 processed
  • All half,  whole,  or quarters require a $50 non-refundable deposit
  • Frozen hamburger (93%) $6/lb
  • Frozen ground pork $3/lb
  • Bacon $6/lb